Your Dedicated Team

Understanding the passive fire protection industry means more than simply knowing which products and installation methods to use. Our in depth knowledge allows FPS to create bespoke solutions that are both cost effective and fully certified.


A higher standard

Some contractors will ‘cherry pick’ the cheapest products from different manufacturers, while others use inexperienced teams to specify and install their products. This kind of corner cutting only leads to problems, such as:


  • Poor interface between system elements
  • Damage to components during installation
  • Refusal of manufacturers to certify the finished system
  • Invalid product liability insurance
  • Endless problems obtaining sign off for the project


At FPS, the same team that runs the company, runs the projects, so you can rest assured of the very highest standards from start to finish.


We immerse ourselves in your project from the start, to identify any potential problems long before they happen. This allows us to offer pre-emptive, practical solutions that will ensure smooth sign off and certification at the end.


We understand the difference between the cheapest price and the best value, and work hard to deliver the highest standards for the lowest cost.